Posted by: goclickchallenge | February 7, 2010

Week 7 Challenge: Push a Ball

A “Cute trick” was requested this week. Use decorative props for extra points and cuteness….

Teach your dog to push a ball with his/her nose. For extra points… use a smaller ball (…caution…we do not want dogs to swallow anything!). For even more extra points… push the ball between two objects, like a goal. Use chairs, plastic bins, or other furniture.

Have fun! Share your progress,


Cuteness: Especially if you used a black and white ball!
  6 month old puppy that needs a home in OH



  1. Oh! Oh! Maisy already does this like constantly! We just have to put it on cue! OH MY GOD DO YOU THINK I COULD TEACH A DISCRIMINATION EXERCISE? Pick it up versus roll it?

    • Yes (and you should)! I think that wins EVEN more points!

      Now I need to train. Uhoh!


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