Posted by: goclickchallenge | February 14, 2010

Week 8, Circle the Human

This week’s challenge is to have your dog circle you, while you stand still. Extra points for dog walking backwards!

Kristen has to do something extra challenging with hers, maybe backwards figure 8s, since her dogs can do this trick. Karin’s and mine can’t!

Happy Training!



  1. Ok Megan I finally made it over here since you posted some of your videos awhile ago and now Crystal posted a really cute one. But I think I”m out this week as Lance and Vito can already circle backwards and do back 8’s… any other variations you can think of?

  2. Hi, glad you made it!

    I’m thinking, I’m thinking… how do I make it challenging for the super-trick dogs!

    I’ll have to get back to you, or if you think of something, do it!

  3. Can they go both ways? My dogs already circle clockwise, and Luna does counter clockways backwards… but the opposite side could be an option. Reduce your cues? Get both dogs going at once? You stand as a post, have another object as a post ~ 3 feet away..fig 8 around you/the post. Have one dog sitting as the other post. Backwards 8 with a post/dog. Have more posts so it’s a serpentine.

    Or, just pretend your dog’s don’t have the behavior and share the video! Cheating is encouraged! Did I say that?


  4. yeah they can go both directions backwards. getting a verbal only could be hard since right now I use the same word for both directions, they just watch the small hand signal.

    hmm i like the double dog ideas. doing a backward circle around the other dog sounds like a real challenge. especially since they both circle tight so they touch me as they go around. we will see!

  5. ok i posted our work to my blog and youtube. but i can’t make a post here.

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