Posted by: goclickchallenge | February 21, 2010

Week 9 Challenge: Back Feet on an Object

Thanks Crystal and Maisy in MN for this weeks challenge idea!

Teach your dog (cat, rabbit, horse….) to place his back feet on an object. For an additional challenge use a smaller item, a taller item, or a solid wall. Or train your dog to put only one back foot on the object.




  1. yes! Vito needs to resume work on his handstand. haven’t done it since he was a pup since he was starting to advance beyond the back feet on object goal. wonder how much he remembers!

  2. Both of mine put their back feet on something, so I think we’ll work on higher objects, to work on back strengthening!

    Bailey might be capable of doing a handstand, if we work up to it!

    I can’t wait to see Vito’s handstand!


  3. Shoot. Since it was my idea, I’ll definitely have to work on it this week. I sort of petered out last week.

    On a side note: Maisy keeps offering the “push it behavior” from week 7. She’ll run up to that HUGE ball and push it. Earlier she got so excited that she pushed it with her nose and her one front foot at the same time.

  4. YAY Maisy! Big exercise balls aren’t so scary anymore!

    Hmm, wonder what we could shape the nose AND foot touch into?


  5. see my little dog …

  6. Nice job Regina and Rock!!!


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