Posted by: goclickchallenge | March 7, 2010

Week 11, Go!

Crawl videos, and comments will be shared shortly.

For this week… our challenge is a “Go Out” behavior. Send your dog out, away from you, in a very straight line. “Bonus Points” for the distance. Your dog can Sit at the distance (as in obedience), go around a post (as an agility skill), or keep running all the way around the world until he gets back to you. I would not recommend the third option. And of course, you can always provide a variation of “distractions.”

Some tips from Kristen:
We’ll be approaching our training in a few different ways:
-Directed to a target. We’ll use foot targets to work on going in the direction indicated (and to help with straightness).
-Hidden toys. We’ll be sent to hidden toys (or food for Luna). Initially it will be close…but hopefully we can increase distance quickly
-Backchaining. to a foot target. We’ll start out close and each rep move further from it. After several sessions with this and in a few locations, we should be able to get distance very quickly in new locations.


  1. well this was one of my goals for the month of march so good timing! We will be doing backchaining to a paw touch.

  2. I did work on this more this week and made great progress! Lance is going straight most of the time and we can be about 3/4 of the ring away.

    Vito is also going great. He is a bit more uncertain but is also more likely to offer it when I’m trying to do something else. He has about 15ft send.

    Oh, I am doing the foot touch on a wall or ring gate for utility training.

    No video was made since our accomplishment this week was distance and for that I trained at work or at the club where no video was taken.

  3. I did some of the challenges with my horse – training goes a little slow because I have only one session in a week to work with, so I’m not meeting the weekly challenges. My horse just mastered a send-away though, and a few small other things:

    I also have a video of him playing with the big ball, I’ll post it here once I’ve uploaded it.

    • Awesome!!

  4. My video:

    I didn’t get as much distance as I wanted… I really expected distance to go very, very quickly.

    He has, however, started offering this. Very cute!

  5. Here is a video of the “Go Out” challenge for week 11. I used Hayden for this challenge and took a couple existing behaviors and added more distance to them. The first one is “On Your Bed”, which I taught through shaping the behavior. She has to go to her bed and lay down on it, then wait there until she is released. This behavior has no visual (hand) cues, just a vocal cue. The second behavior is a touch that we use in agility training. She has to put her back two paws on an object (in this case a book) and her front two paws on the floor, so it is a back-foot touch. Both of these behaviors are performed of a distance of about 20+ feet away.

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