Posted by: goclickchallenge | March 15, 2010

Week 12: Nail Trimming

This week’s challenge is nail trimming. This can include anything from holding the dog’s paw briefly, to trimming the nails in public with no movement. Train your dog to offer you individual paws, hold still while his feet are handled, or trim the nails with the dog and handler in any position.

We haven’t had any non dog animals for GCC yet! Someone must have a cat or bird or small criitter that hates nail trimming…. Feel free to share not only finsihed behaviors, but any progress as well.


  1. This is perfect! Hayden hates the groomer, lol, so this is a great one to work on, thanks!

  2. I’ve just posted the link to my horse video to the week 11 challenge post.

    Feet handling is kind of a non event for my horse (the farrier loooves him) but I guess I could shoot a quick video of it 🙂

  3. i’d show my non dogs (ferrets and cat) but they are already just fine with nail trims!

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