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The Go Click Challenge started as part of our weekly training chats.  The three of us ‘meet’ every week to discuss our recent training and the progress (or lack of!) towards our goals.  We started using challenges to compare our training and to be sure we were working on teaching new behaviors, not just perfecting those already trained.

If you want to participate in the challenge, post your training and finished behavior videos, comments or photos under the post for that behavior. So, if you have sticky target behavior, reply under that post with a comment and the video or photo link.

We will only “count” videos to your score if they are posted by the Tuesday following the challenge.

If you happen upon this blog after the challenge is completed, don’t be discouraged!  We love to see good training, so feel free to comment and/or participate still!  There really isn’t a time limit, but it just makes the challenge a little bit more fun if we set one, not to mention we’re more likely to complete the challenge!

If you want contact us email us at goclickchallenge@gmail.com.

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