Our Purpose

The purpose of this blog is to:

A) Spread the use of the word “clickerly”–we want “clickerly” people to participate!

B) Motivate people to train their furry household companion(s)–we usually use our dogs, but cats, ferrets, horses, cows, etc. are all trainable creatures!  (Though, the exercises may need to be modified a bit… Megan is not sure a horse could knock over a water bottle and not squish it.)

and now the professional purpose

C) Have the fun and structure of a group class to help further training skills, without the travel or stress.

Megan (with Buzz and Bailey the ESS)
Kristen (with Blaze and Griffin the goldens and Luna the wanna-be)
Karin (with Jodi, Owen, and Caleb–the Running Dogs)

Disclaimer–your animal doesn’t actually have to be furry… we are accepting of all creatures.

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