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Week 12: More submitted videos

Look at all of these dogs and owners working on an important skill! Nail trims don’t need to be difficult.

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Week 13: “Sticky” Target

Most of our pets can probably target, but does your animal have a ‘sticky’ target?

Let’s focus on nose targets this week as our Go! challenge a few weeks ago mostly used a foot target. The behavior we are looking for is your pet holding his nose to a target until you cue otherwise or mark for the hold. Let’s get as long of a hold as possible.

If you already have this behavior, work on new variations. If your hand is working…can you move your hand (slowly!) and get maintained pressure? Can you teach it with a target stick? Or a post it on the wall? With your learner in various positions?

Three tips to get you started:
1: If you already have a nose bop, some can click after multiple bops (initially two…build to 3-4) and it becomes a sticky target.
2: Look for moments of increased duration and build from there
3: Use a slow moving target to help induce duration

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Week 9, Rock!

Impressive height!

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Weeks 3 & 6, Rowan!

We have a HORSE working on the challenges. Wonderful submissions, I am so impressed!

Rowan does four feet in a box and retrieve of a cone! He already picks up a towel too!

Posted by: goclickchallenge | March 19, 2010

Week 12, Bailey

I should have gotten a video of our first session, but I was too scared. Bailey is terrified of nail clippers, thus she has had her nails dremeled for the last three years. She shakes, drools, and hides at the sight of those horrible orange nail clippers. I can’t pinpoint when it started happening, but it’s there. This week’s challenge is super tough for us, and I put it off WAY too long.

Today I got the ugly orange clippers out, set them on the floor, and c/t for her staying in the room. Yes, she normally runs for her crate. She actually nose-touched them for me in the first session. I was absolutely shocked. She was working harder than I’ve ever seen her work. That was really tough for her, and she was not confident in doing so, but she kept on working.

Just tonight I interrupted her schedule (she puts herself to bed around 9:30 and waits for me to close her crate door) and we trained a bit more. I got a whole stick of string cheese (her favorite food) and I started asking for a foot hold on the cue “foot.” She obliged me easily enough with the evil clippers sitting nearby us. We did quite a few reps of “foot” while working on the duration. Then her whole world turned upside down and I put the clippers in my clicker hand. She turned into a nervous bundle. I started waiting for her to offer her foot to me, c/t. She worked through a lot more tonight. I kept my clicker/clipper hand as far away as possible, and alternated between holding it, picking it up, touching it. By the end of the session I could almost touch her foot with it. Our chain was offer foot, me hold foot, move clippers towards food, c/t. That was all she could take, but progress.

This is the hardest challenge for us yet, and I may be willing to take video on later sessions. Maybe!

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Week 11, Hayden

Seriously cute, seriously good! Wonderful submissions this week!

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Week 12, Beckett

My dog is already used to having his paws touched and handled so I am working on using a dremel to trim his nails, I’m trying to use the clicker to keep my dog on his side while I dremel his nails, so at first I’m just clicking and treating for him remaining on his side while the dremel is on, then clicking and treating while he continues to stay on his side while the dremel is near his paw, then clicking and treating when his paw is touching the dremel (but not the rotary part) then finally clicking and treating when the rotary file touches his nail. I’m not as great of clicker trainer as I’d like to be so some of my click timing is a little off, luckily he still figured out that what I wanted was for him to remain still. Eventually we worked up to clicking for each nail he stayed still for. Here are the instructions for using a dremel to do your dogs nails. I use the dremel
on low and only let it touch his nail for a second at a time so as not to heat up.

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Nail Trim Notes

A few tips to get you started: Check out the “Tuckers Nail Trim” video if you have not seen it before. This great video is all the tips you need!


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Week 12: Nail Trimming

This week’s challenge is nail trimming. This can include anything from holding the dog’s paw briefly, to trimming the nails in public with no movement. Train your dog to offer you individual paws, hold still while his feet are handled, or trim the nails with the dog and handler in any position.

We haven’t had any non dog animals for GCC yet! Someone must have a cat or bird or small criitter that hates nail trimming…. Feel free to share not only finsihed behaviors, but any progress as well.

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Week 11, Caleb

I was dogless and in FL/SC all week, so we frantically trained for this week’s challenge when I got home this morning. Caleb has done very little (if any) real distance work up until this point. I would like a little more speed, but it was a good start!

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